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Victoria Kay

Helena Cotter unveils new brand and launches range of downloadable courses

Helena Cotter unveils new brand and launches range of downloadable courses: Image 1 Attire Bridal columnist and bridal consultant Helena Cotter has recently rebranded her business. Speaking about the change she says, “It's something I had been contemplating for a while, that is rebranding my business to send out an on-point message in terms of the services I offer and who it will benefit. “Independent bridal retailers, designers and wholesalers make up the core of my clientele in what is my full-time job. There are training companies out there who choose to dilute their services, which can make them less effective. My motto is: stick to what you are good at.

“I believe my services are unique and, in wanting to separate myself and my services from what other people may or may not offer, my new company name: The Helena Cotter Training Academy – Bridal. Est. 2003, achieves this. “It confirms my commitment to all things bridal industry related, whilst leaving room for expansion into other areas of retail when looking at the long-term vision I have for my business.”

When asked whether the rebrand means that Helena has adjusted or enhanced her services, she says, “Since my company opened in 2003, the highly successful, proven, in-house courses and services I run account for 75-80 per cent of my business. I also love to travel and work with my clients in their own premises as it gives me a fantastic overview of how things are done and highlights any areas of change, which would help sales and enhance the smooth running of a business. “I have listened to my clients both here and overseas and, alongside my in- house training days, I wish to deliver a different style of training experience in this fast moving, ever changing, and often misunderstood industry. Therefore, I am thrilled to announce exclusively to Attire Bridal readers, I will be launching a fantastic range of downloadable courses this September, available to purchase via my new website shop. “There will be follow-on courses for my loyal clients who understand the importance and relevance of ongoing staff development as an aid to business growth and prosperity. There will also be courses for bridal shop owners who are yet to use my services, irrespective of how long they have been in business. “Being online means they will be available worldwide, which is something close to my heart. Being able to share what I do to a wider audience is thrilling to me.”

Helena has designed each course to take approximately three-four hours to complete. Furthermore, all of them can be broken down into two parts, allowing a busy boutique to schedule in training time. Helena continues, “With courses starting at £395, they are a great way for a business owner and staff to discover, at their leisure, all the easy solutions to the inherent issues in bridal retail today. In addition, I will be offering an early bird rate prior to the September launch.”

When asked what advice Helena would give to bridal retailers considering rebranding their businesses, she says, “I really believe change is good. Taking a long hard look at who you are and what you believe you can offer your own customers, and focusing on why you opened your business in the beginning, will help you to decide whether you are ready for the leap of faith. “There are many, many bridal retailers out there now. So, I understand that you want to do your best, in your way and stand head and shoulders above the crowd. Like you, I always aspire to be the best I can be and keep that number one spot as the top bridal industry expert. Maintaining this means having to adapt, grow and lead the way. This is what you should strive for too.

“I am delighted to have taken the leap myself and have already had brilliant feedback, which means so much to me. My advice to you is: do it, jump in. The water is warm and clear.”

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