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Wedding dress designer Sanyukta Shrestha announces 2 months closure to prevent spread of Coronavirus

Wedding dress designer Sanyukta Shrestha announces 2 months closure to prevent spread of Coronavirus: Image 1 Award-winning eco wedding dress designer Sanyukta Shrestha has announced her boutique closure for two months in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

The UK government is still in a delaying stage of the virus management, making it harder for small businesses like us to release a statement based on a guideline.

A statement from Sanyukta and her team reads as follows:

"We decided to follow our instinct and take a lead when it comes to our business for the safety of our brides, their families and our team. Our Behuli Boutique will stay closed from the 15th of March until Mid-May, to prevent and minimise the spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). This is our first initiation and we believe if we take small steps on an individual level, we will be more equipped to fight with the situation right now.

"As a responsible business and human being, it is our duty to try to avoid the spread. We pray for those who lost their loved ones, those who are in critical conditions and for medical/health workers who have no choice but tackle the situation. Being careful and taking responsible steps definitely going to be less burden for health workers and safeguard their health too.

"Myself and the rest of my team, will keep on working from home for as long as it may be needed and will be taking care of the brand professionally and responsively while following the latest updates on Coronavirus. Our team will be in constant communication with our brides, making sure that our clients are taken care as possible in the current situation.

"Our brand's priority has always been to take care of people and planet first and now the priority is the safety of our people. Our talented craftsmanship, collaboration, team members and of course our treasured brides. We are alarmed about the situation and decided to act now, before the situation is out of hands."

The leading eco designer has already cancelled 50% of the business plans for this year, including trade shows, new collection launch events and all the new bridal appointments in the next 2-3 months, advising all new brides to stay safe and show patience for a few months.

"This is the time we must take as much precautions as possible. Loss in any business in this situation is imminent, everyone knows by now and is unavoidable, but we must think how the loss could be evaluated, and human loss is certainly way bigger than financial loss. If people are safe, financial loss is recoverable," adds the Financial Director of the brand, Ashish Shrestha.