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Wedding designer Rosa Clará contributes to International Women's Day 2020

Wedding designer Rosa Clará contributes to International Women's Day 2020: Image 1 Rosa Clará is celebrating International Women's Day on 8 March by giving a voice to the brand's female employees, highlighting their different nationalities, cultures and outlooks in a video shared on its website and social media accounts under the #RosaClaraVoices hashtag.

The clip emphasises the importance of working together towards a common goal: making so many women's dreams come true on that special day. "Ninety per cent of the 1000+ people who work for this company are women – and without them we wouldn't exist," explains entrepreneur and designer Rosa Clará in this video, which features the thoughts of female employees from a variety of departments, teams and countries on what it means to be a woman. It also shows the best advice they've ever given or received, what it's like to work in a predominantly female environment, what motivates them, and their experiences in an international company that does its utmost to make women happy by creating something as deeply satisfying as their ideal wedding gown.

Women dressing women's dreams — that's Rosa Clará.

"The fight for women's rights has been extremely important in the past and remains extremely important today. My wish is that in the future it won't be a matter of debate — companies will simply recruit people, irrespective of whether they are men or women."

These words from Rosa Clará and the spirit captured in the brand's video align with this year's International Women's Day (#iwd2020) slogan, #EachforEqual, which seeks to raise awareness about the importance of putting an end to stereotypes, celebrating women's triumphs and helping create a world of equal opportunities for all genders.

Rosa Clará entered the bridal fashion scene in 1995 when she opened her first boutique, in Barcelona. Drawing deeply on her own femininity, fashion design experience and business sense, she brought a breath of fresh air to traditional bridal styling, directly connecting with a new generation of women who wanted more individuality and contemporaneity on their big day.

Her innovative creations and commitment to premium-quality fabrics and finishes, strengthened by partnerships with renowned haut couture designers of the stature of Karl Lagerfeld, provided the springboard for the brand's national and international expansion.

A global benchmark today, Rosa Clará gowns are currently available at over 4,000 outlets in 80 countries. #RosaClara2020