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Why working in retail can ruin your relationship

Why working in retail can ruin your relationship: Image 1

Work is a part of everyday life, but there is a common concern that it can have tremendous effects on relationships. So, in a bid to discover which sectors have the biggest emotional effects on personal relationships, Savoy Stewart surveyed 1,124 participants to determine just how many people would consider quitting their job to save a relationship. The big question is: should those in the bridal industry be worried about the effect work has on their personal life?

The top five sectors that have a negative effect on workers relationships are:

Leisure (50%)
Retail (40%)
Media (37.5%)
Hospitality (33.3%) 
Construction (20%)

The top five effects of work on relationships are:

Stress (25%)
Too tired after work (21%)
Brought us closer together (19%)
Priortising work over partner (13%)
Working away (7%)

Interestingly, 2.5% admit that cheating with a colleague was a negative effect that work bought on their personal relationship. And when asked, 'would you quit your job to save your relationship?' 46% said they would.

"My advice for anyone feeling stressed at work is to talk to your partner about your concerns, rather than bottling it up and creating tension at home ," says Attire Bridal's editor, Claire Muffett-Reece. "Tiredness is another issue we all experience after a busy day – so why not resist checking those work emails after hours, relaxing on the sofa together instead with your favourite box set."