Subscription is FREE of charge to all UK based traders
Subscription is FREE of charge to all UK based traders

An interview with The Bridal Industry Consultancy’s Jane Watson

An interview with The Bridal Industry Consultancy’s Jane Watson: Image 1 The Bridal Industry Consultancy offers more than 20 years' experience, innovating businesses within the bridal industry. Intrigued to know more about how Jane can help you? Read our exclusive chat…

How will our readers benefit from your business?

I'm the business management consultant for our industry and have helped many businesses start-up or enhance their existing business for more than 25 years. Assisting retailers with realistic ideas of who and how to buy dress samples, setting the right sales targets to ensure taking a wage and making profits is possible – while protecting their investment – is just a taster of what's available at my consultations.

What advice can you offer anyone new to the trade?
It's essential to have a good business plan. The only way to ensure your investment is safe is if you have the correct information about our industry, as well as realistic overheads listed to give you genuine sales targets.

And what about those in existing bridal businesses?
Make sure your premises are interesting, inviting and un-cluttered – think dress rails not packed too tight and a good selection of sizes. Of course a happy meet and greet is essential, so have a think about your USP.

What do you say to anyone worrying about Brexit?
Your brides may be concerned about their employer company moving out of the UK – plus their partner's employment could be at risk for the same reason. I suggest you keep to the budget asked for by your brides, to avoid your customer overspending at such a delicate time.

Any other top tips?
People buy from people – I've personally witnessed this. If your customers like you and feel relaxed, they will want to buy from you. Owning your business is a bit like show business, in that you have an audience you need to keep happy!

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