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The bridal industry mourns talented bridal designer Nicki Flynn

The bridal industry mourns talented bridal designer Nicki Flynn: Image 1 Talented bridal designer Nicki Flynn passed away last year following a valiant fight against cancer. Speaking about the loss of her friend, colleague and mentor, Managing Director and Commercial Manager at True Bride, Wendy Wallis, wanted to release this statement to the bridal trade. She says;

“I was very fortunate to know Nicki for 16 years, having met when I was a manager of a bridal store. A few years later a change in my career would lead me to reach out to her for some assistance and within two days I had joined the team at True Bride. Nicki was an incredible mentor and developed not only my career, but a team that would take the brand from strength to strength.

“Nicki’s working career began at Next as a merchandiser, with her playing an integral role in the very first Next Directory; however, it would be her next move to Bridal Fashions Ltd, where her bridal journey began. Working at one of the UK’s largest bridal companies at the time, which included labels like Hilary Morgan, Rebecca Harte, Short Stories, the retail chain Brides International and later Berketex Brides, Nicki played an important role in the growth of this company, becoming one of the youngest female directors.

"Nicki’s dynamic attitude to business and design, along with a keen commercial eye, enabled her to oversee and produce balanced bridal collections for multiple labels. She was also instrumental in introducing designer brands to Berketex during the Nineties, including well-known names such as Helen Marina, Tracey Connop, Ave Maria, Ian Stuart International, Elizabeth Emanuel and many others. 

“On leaving Bridal Fashions Ltd, Nicki started her own consulting business, providing invaluable advice to designers to help them grow and expand within the industry. Soon after, in 2002, she worked with Design Portfolio and launched Angel Bride, but fearless and determined as ever, she soon found it was time to go at it alone.
“True Bride was launched in 2005, and with Nicki’s years of experience, unparalleled eye for design and undisputed talent, it was destined for success. The brand has gone from strength to strength and she would have been so proud to know that the label she launched and the family she has formed over the years were honoured back in September to win Best Bridesmaid Manufacturer at the Bridal Buyers awards. It's a testament to what hard work, determination, and love can achieve. 

“Nicki was a true inspiration; her dedication could never be questioned, her attitude unfaltering, her sheer determination evident to all. Balanced with kindness, generosity and a genuine understanding of people, Nicki was well respected and loved. The team she so lovingly built and developed are as dedicated as ever to ensure her legacy lives on. We know she wouldn’t want or expect anything less. 

“As a dear friend to myself and many others, it is without a doubt she will be greatly missed.”