Victoria Kay
Victoria Kay

Wedding dresses revealed: Modeca bridal design previews its 2021 collections

Wedding dresses revealed: Modeca bridal design previews its 2021 collections: Image 1 We're very excited about the latest wedding dress 2021 collection from Modeca. That's right – head of design Alden Misolas will be exclusively unveiling his 2021 Modeca Bridal, Le Papillon by Modeca and Curves by Modeca collections at Bridal Event Amsterdam this March, alongside the mix 'n' match collection, Jazz by Modeca.

For Modeca 2021, retailers can expect a range of silhouettes, from beautiful mermaid designs to statement voluminous skirts, all made from soft and flowing fabrics.

This year sleeves are key, with pretty cap designs and stylish three-quarter-length styles making their way into the collection.

The 2021 Le Papillon by Modeca line features a range of sheer fabrics that are sexy, yet do not reveal too much skin thanks to the three-dimensional structures and patterns.

Puff sleeves are back, but with a modern twist and, while boho styles will still be present, the look becomes much more refined.

For Curves by Modeca, Alden Misolas has used clever draping to either accentuate or conceal parts of the female figure. Boho designs still feature strongly, as do more classic bridal shapes.

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