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Subscription is FREE of charge to all UK based traders

Modeca revamps its website

Modeca revamps its website: Image 1 Modeca Bridal has revamped its website for the new season. Here, the focus hasn't only been on a new "look and feel", but also on an optimised backend.

"A corporate website now needs to be much more than just a 'business card' of a company. It also needs to be much more functional and interactive than just a couple of years ago," says Helena Kischka, Marketing Director at Modeca Bridal. "A website has to reflect a company in its uniqueness and a crystal-clear brand positioning within the market - especially online - is indispensable."

Following the relaunch of the website, bridal shops and brides can now search much more easily for a specific bridal gown, or for special styles and designs they would like to see. As a user you can browse through all styles and collections; a new filter function with various options allows each website user to find exactly what they are looking for.

Helena Kischka says, "This is ideal for both B2B and B2C. Not only can the bridal stores find out everything they need to know about our different collections: Modeca Collection, Le Papillon by Modeca, Curves by Modeca and Jazz by Modeca, but also our brides can easily find their perfect dress for the most important day in their lives. For example, if a bride is looking for a particular fit, be it an A-line or a ball gown design, she can easily specify her wishes and desires whilst using the filter functions, and of course you can filter for your most beloved colours amongst several other options. This means a bride-to-be you can quickly find your perfect dress; then it's just one click more and within the store locator she can find her nearest Modeca Store within her area where she can try on the dress for her most important day in your life.

Whilst Modeca Bridal has also placed a big effort into designing a clear and user-friendly interface, the company paid also huge attention to two other aspects: 'Mobile First' and SEO. "These things have to be up-to-date at all times, in line with social media. Following this, the website does also display our social media feeds such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter," says Helena Kischka. "We have expanded our social media here to make sure that we can 'feed' all channels with high quality content as content is still king. Above that, the Modeca website now also features a blog, which is being regularly updated by the Modeca team. Here brides and Modeca partners can find information about all the collections, about designing Dutch Design and Dutch Couture; and of course, brides can find many stories about real Modeca brides."

As always, Modeca stores can still access the B2B portal via the redesigned website. Here at all times, every customer can check via their personal account which gowns are in stock, place orders, view estimated and scheduled deliveries or request financial details. "In this way, we are available for our customers 24/7 and we know that many stores appreciate that they can process numerous tasks themselves and online," says Helena Kischka. "The B2B portal is set up in five different languages, and it is – also for our sales team – a vital asset. But of course, our customer service team is still onsite and we are more than happy to help whenever we can, whatever the matter might be."