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Stand sales soar at Harrogate Fashion Week

Stand sales soar at Harrogate Fashion Week: Image 1 Stand sales are said to be soaring at Harrogate Fashion Week, with a slew of new brands signing up for the January show.

Names such as Dents, Irresistable, Blundstone, Jayley, Dressed Up, Dress Code and Working Wardrobe are set to join regulars such as Lizabella, Passioni, Pomodoro, Lily and Me, John Charles, and James Lakeland. Footwear brands include Caprice, Capollini, Lotus and Legero.

Alan Scott, Lotus brand manager, said, "As well as being set in a great location, the relaxed ambience of the show attracts a plethora of buyers who are as excited about attending as we are about exhibiting. The show has also been fundamental in opening new doors with clothing accounts that are looking to extend and differentiate their current product offering."

Event Director Sarah Moody said, "We've had a fabulous response for the January show, and being the first in the season with great early dates has put us ahead of our competition. Exhibitors need to know that as organisers we are aware that trading conditions aren't brilliant at the moment, and our service and prices reflect that."

Harrogate Fashion Week takes place between 26th -27th January, 2020. Visit