Attire Bridal - Apr/Mar 2020 (Issue 76)

DESIGNER INTERVIEW 91 PAUL ZENI BRIDAL T: +44 (0)20 7871 2299 W: paulzenibridal paulzenibridal What is the price range of your gowns? Paul Zeni Bridal wholesale prices range on average from £375 to £595, with a couple of styles priced at £645 to £695. What are the biggest challenges facing bridal designers at present? As with many others for me it’s about being one step ahead of my competitors! Our company ethos to be more sustainable and ethical is also hugely important, so we like to challenge ourselves with every aspect of that, too. How would you like to see your company evolve over the coming years? I would love nothing more than to see the Paul Zeni Bridal label as a worldwide household name! If you could dress, or have dressed, any celebrity for their wedding day, who would it be? With Hollywood Dreams I was lucky enough to dress many celebrities, but one of my favourites was the gorgeous Tess Daly. With Paul Zeni Bridal I would love to design a special creation for Jennifer Lopez’s wedding to Alex Rodriguez – her people just have to put in the call! Finally, on a day off from bridal, how do you like to spend your time? I don’t get too many days off to be honest, but I love spending time with Paul and my daughter, Kat. We like to chill on the sofa and watch Netflix. I also love baking cakes and desserts. If I hadn’t become a bridal designer I think I’d have been busy making wedding cakes instead! “I would love to design a wedding dress for Jennifer Lopez – her people just have to put in the call!”