Attire Bridal - Apr/Mar 2020 (Issue 76)

90 What’s your background as a bridal designer? From the moment I left fashion college I’ve been busy designing and making bridal dresses and evening gowns for my family and friends. Within the first year I decided to form my own label, Hollywood Dreams – that was 37 years ago now! I’ve designed for my other labels, Chic by Hollywood Dreams and Tiffany Bridal, and I’ve also been involved with freelance bridal design for a couple of other companies, too. How did the Paul Zeni Bridal brand come about? My husband Paul and I sat down and decided to create a fresh new label – and Paul Zeni Bridal was born! We believed it was a brand much needed in the marketplace, where the quality and fit was like my flagship label – and the price was more competitive. I design all of the gowns and I love every single aspect of it! How would you describe your signature style? To be perfectly honest with you I really don’t have a look that comes to mind! Instead I design a variety of styles to suit all body shapes and personalities. Where are your gowns designed and made? I design here in the UK, but the majority of our gowns are then produced in the Far East. Why? To stay competitive, of course! What inspires you when designing a new collection? Many things can inspire me. One day it might be something as simple as a beautiful piece of fabric, and the next it could be a trip to a museum. I’m also often inspired through watching films, following iconic designers and even listening to brides’ ideas of what their dream gown would be. Tell us a bit about your latest bridal designs. What can retailers expect from your newest collection and where and when can we see it? All is set to be revealed at The Harrogate Bridal Show this coming September! Right now many of the styles are still at sketching stage, and I’m also extremely busy finalising details such as the wonderful fabrics and trims. What do you think attracts brides to your label? It’s definitely got to be a combination of the design, fit and attention to detail. I’m also always thinking of the bride when sketching my latest designs. It’s so important she feels incredible on her big day, so I’m constantly putting myself in a bride’s shoes to make sure she looks and feels amazing. How important is fabric quality for a design? Fabric is, of course, very important. For me it’s all about the quality and the beaded detail or lace that will be used. It all depends on each style.