Attire Bridal - Apr/Mar 2020 (Issue 76)

DESIGNER PROFILE 83 In what way would you like to see your company evolve? We would love to be one of the biggest fashion houses in the world making multiple lines and different kinds of products and accessories. We have just opened our latest flagship store in Shanghai, China, which is an amazing achievement, and we are so excited for that market. There’s a real movement towards more sustainable and ethical practices in fashion at present. How important is this to your company ethos?  This is very important to us at Galia Lahav. We have just incorporated a few fabrics that are made of recycled plastic bottles. We also make sure our embroiderers are not using pollutive chemicals when creating glass beads. We have very severe restrictions on this and are always looking for new technologies that do not harm the environment.  You’ve designed dresses for a lot of celebrities, from Michelle Keegan’s wedding gown to a number of A-listers at the Golden Globe Awards. Why do the stars come to you for your designs?  There is something with our gowns that leaves an amazing impression. We are very experienced in wedding gowns and your wedding is such an important day. We are pro feminism and very attentive to women, which makes them feel confident in our designs. If you could dress, or have dressed, any celebrity for their wedding day, who would it be?  Beyoncé wore our Thelma gown when she renewed her vows to Jay-Z – this was an incredible moment for us! You only have four stockists of your bridal gowns in the UK. Do you have any plans to expand in the future? At the moment we have four stockists in the UK… but again watch this space!  Finally, on a day off from bridal, how do you like to spend your time? I love to travel and enrich my inner world. I love being with my husband and I feel like I am on cloud nine when I see a good opera, exhibition or movie. I love going out to eat and having amazing meals and exploring different cultures, too. GALIA LAHAV W: GaliaLahavDesigns galialahav The gowns featured in this interview are all from Galia’s Gala IX collection