Attire Bridal - Apr/Mar 2020 (Issue 76)

82 How long has Galia Lahav been in the bridal sector?  Galia started over 30 years ago, while I began my career 23 years ago. I started my career with Galia after I’d been working in Paris – Galia hired me straight away! I’ve always wanted to make wedding gowns, so when we started designing them it was a dream come true! How would you describe your signature style? The Galia Lahav signature style is very fashion orientated. We are known for the fit of our gowns that transform the body, creating a curvy but statuesque figure with intricate detailing. Where are your gowns designed and made? All of our gowns are handmade in our beautiful atelier in Tel Aviv. We are Israeli, so this is where our heritage is! We strive to offer the modern bride a lot more options. What inspires you when designing a new gown or collection?  I’m always inspired through art, music, cinema, travel and personal experiences which affect me. In many cases it’s just a woman that you’re drawn to. She could be a ballerina, singer, actress or a woman walking down the street. A woman can just fire my imagination! What sort of designer would you describe yourself as? I’m a designer who listens to women’s needs and what they want on the biggest day of their lives, while also exploring new ways of making them look more iconic – and feel incredible!  Tell us a bit about your latest bridal designs… The new collection comes out soon and is inspired by a very strong and self-made woman; she’s also an artist that’s put a mark on the fashion and art world. The collection has a lot of depth in the way the materials are reflected, and you can expect lots of beading and lace. Watch this space! What do you think attracts brides to your label? I think it all comes down to the fact that brides-to-be love how current our wedding gowns are. Our designs are very bold and all the gowns are very unforgettable, leaving a real impression on you. The attention to detail in our gowns, the styles and fit of a perfect dress, and the quality are all parts of why brides come to us.  What fabrics do you like to use and how important is fabric quality for a design?  Fabric is the basis of everything we do, so of course the quality of the material has to be top notch. Our dresses are meant for comfort, so it starts with the yarns that provide that. In our new collection we have also developed a lot of new fabrics and embroideries. Galia Lahav is unique in the fact that we create all our own fabrics. What are the price range of your gowns? Our Couture range is priced between $8,000 to $20,000, while our Gala range is priced between $5,000 to $7,000. What career might you have chosen if you hadn’t become a fashion designer? I would have been a costume maker for the movies – but I would also love to be an opera singer! What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing bridal designers at present? The modern bride is very different today. The fast exposure with social media makes trends change very swiftly, so you have to keep up with whatever is happening in the world. Timeless looks need to be adapted to modern times. Young women today are very confident and know what they want. A bride’s wedding day is her happiest occasion, so you want your work to be perfect and put a smile on her face. Galia (above left) with head designer Sharon