Attire Bridal - Apr/Mar 2020 (Issue 76)

ACID 73 ACID W: places – if you see any disconnect immediately. Gangs often operate in cafes, researching personal information in this way. Be aware also that http:// is insecure; https:// is secure – and make sure the padlock is green. If broken or greyish, it is probably not secure, so double check. Don’t use a free VPN (Virtual Private Network) and instead use a secure, paid for VPN. Do you have a company cyber policy? A disgruntled ex- employee who’s had access to sensitive information can wreak havoc, so ensure there’s a policy for user privilege. Don’t share log-in details, discourage bringing personal devices into the office, and, if equipment is stolen, ensure you have the capacity to ‘wipe’ remotely. If you use USBs ensure there is security and always use ones which you know. Some criminals can ascertain information at 200 words per minute, so be very careful about what you plug into your systems. What aout passwords? Don’t use familiar names, your date of birth or your beloved pet’s name. Instead consider using permutations of random common words, such as ‘balloondesksun*’ or ‘winehatblue$’. You can find out if your password has been hacked by going to Google and entering ‘haveIbeenpwned’. From there fill in your email and it will tell you instantly. Think about having all your passwords managed by password managers. Use strong, separate passwords for email accounts. Where available, use two-factor authentication on your accounts. What about my other devices? We live in an age of Alexas and doorbell security systems, with smart capabilities that are potentially insecure. Programs used by hackers such as Botnek and Dolphin Whistle can hear frequencies that we can’t. Don’t plug in a device that you don’t know and focus on network security. Also, don’t buy any technology that will soon reach the end of its life, because its software updates will stop being available. Is my computer safe? Always back-up your most recent data – and never respond to unsolicited approaches for personal and financial information. For those using Windows- based PCs be aware that Microsoft has now withdrawn support for Windows 7, so no security patches are available. It is recommended that an upgrade to Windows 10 is implemented immediately, particularly if you use online banking facilities. Who can help me? Call 0300 123 20 40 if you suffer a cyberattack or report via . You can also sign up for fraud and cyber-crime alerts by visiting +44 1582 451 238 / +44 7896 944 759 @HCSalesTraining hccoaching Helena Cotter T H E H E L E N A C OT T E R T R A I N I N G A C A D E M Y – B R I D A L . E S T . 2 0 0 3 . ✓ Enjoy up to 80% conversion rates ✓ Industry specific in-house Training Courses ✓ Observation days ✓ Director mentoring ✓ Management coaching ✓ Teamwork development, and more ✓ Purchase online courses at the website shop I shall be at The Bridal Roadshow Chateau Impney, Birmingham on Sunday March 1st & Monday March 2nd. And, at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate on Sunday March 8th & Monday March 9th. Contact me today to book an informal chat at one of the venues. Wholesale only jewellery and hair accessories Reward program and rock bottom prices Next day delivery No MOQ and 10% off first order 020 8004 8883