Attire Bridal - Apr/Mar 2020 (Issue 76)

Attire Bridal caught up with these menswear and accessories companies to see how they make the guys look as good as the girls DASHING TWEEDS The lowdown from founder and director Guy Hills T: +44 (0)20 7486 6882 E: W: How do you cater for the men’s market? We design and weave all our own fabrics, offering a made-to-measure tailoring service from our Marylebone store using our original tweeds and worsteds. We design the cloths in London and they’re then woven in the Scottish Borders. What are your offerings for 2020? We’ve just launched our latest collection that’s focussed towards the summer wedding market, whether you’re a groom or guest. The fabrics are woven using lightweight fine Merino wool. Appearing to be a summery blue, on closer inspection you’ll notice our intricately detailed weave patterns. What other trends should readers consider? We’ve noticed a rise in men wanting a suit tailored for their wedding, while ensuring they still get plenty of wear from it at future events. Sharp tailoring with a nod to the Seventies is becoming quite fashionable, and high-waisted trousers with wide legs are making a comeback. Where would you like to see your brand in 12 months? We’re aiming to grow the made-to-measure tailoring side, particularly for wedding and occasion wear. Customers enjoy our unique cloth designs and love the compliments they receive. We’re also working on shoots and social media campaigns to spread the word. YOU’VE GOT MALE COLIN ROSS A round-up from sales and marketing manager Liz Burwood T: +44 (0)1769 572 676 E: W: How do you cater for the men’s market? We are a manufacturer of men’s wedding shirts, as well as a small range of accessories. We are a stock house and aim to supply our core wedding and evening range from boys’ 10” to men’s 23”, including extra-long sleeves where applicable. What are your offerings for 2020? Tuxedo weddings are still popular. Following a trial last year, we’ve moved to bulk production with our fabric interest Mock Marcella shirt, with removable studs in slimmer and standard fit. We’ve also built up stocks of the White Regular Collar in both fits, alongside our Victorian Wing, Classic Wing and Edwardian Wing core styles. What other trends should readers consider? Grooms have lots of great styles and colours to choose from, from classic grey, navy and blue two- and three-piece suits, to black and coloured tuxedos. Slimmer-fitting suits are still the most popular, complemented with slimmer shirts across all our ranges. Where would you like to see your brand in 12 months? We’re looking to continue organic growth by providing excellent communication and service to our customers, going the extra mile where necessary. We always welcome the opportunity of reacting to customer suggestions, which also proves to be mutually beneficial. GROOMSWEAR 45