Victoria Kay
Victoria Kay

Best laid plans

Rachael Carrington recommends bridal retailers prepare for the uninvited guest - the legal dispute

Best laid plans: Image 1 A lengthy legal dispute is a far cry from the idyllic picture most bridal shop owners or managers paint for themselves when opening their doors, but Legal Expenses cover can at least help them to stay open. Rachael Carrington (Cert CII), an experienced Commercial Account Executive with bridal industry insurance specialists, Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers, explains why it’s important for Legal Expense to be included as part of your overall insurance protection. 

Expect the unexpected
With an industry worth £10bn a year in the UK, it’s no surprise that 695 couples who get married every day want the dream day they’re paying for. And bridal retailers and suppliers nationwide spend a lot of time, effort and money on their part in delivering such a day. Despite such aspirations, things can get in the way, whether one of your brides won’t pay the balance, your supplier has provided a gown that is substandard or your retail customer is holding back a payment.And with the high costs and high emotions that can trail the best laid wedding plans, these issues can soon escalate.
No small business wants to become embroiled in a full blown legal dispute, be it with customers or suppliers, not least for the sake of your hard earned reputation, something that is invaluable for an industry that often relies on word-of-mouth recommendations. But it doesn’t need to become the costly, time-consuming and stressful scenario it first appears to be with the help of Legal Expenses Cover.

Legal protection
A Legal Expenses policy will pay for legal costs including solicitors’ and barristers’ fees, court costs, expenses for expert witnesses, attendance expenses, accountants’ fees and employment compensation awards. It will also pay the costs of appealing or defending an appeal. The main elements to a Legal Expenses policy are:
* Legal defence 
* Employment disputes 
* Tax protection 
* Property protection 
* Bodily injury
For retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers who may not have the luxury of a dedicated HR or legal department, financial defence and the legal advice that comes with Legal Expenses insurance policies can prove invaluable.
With the relatively low cost of Legal Expenses cover, you could potentially save your business thousands – a deal which makes financial sense by any business’ standards, let alone one that deals with tight supplier-to-customer margins. 
With specialist knowledge of the bridal sector, Hine Chartered Insurance Brokers can give you expert advice on all of these areas, as well as additional popular covers in the industry including:
Contract disputes – negotiating for your legal rights in a contractual dispute arising from an agreement or alleged agreement entered into by you or on your behalf, for the purchase or hire or sale or provision of goods or services. 
Debt recovery – negotiating for your legal rights including enforcement of judgment to recover money and interest due from the sale or provision of goods or services.

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