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Are styled bridal shoots worth your time and money?

Are you a bridal boutique owner that's been asked to participate in a styled wedding shoot? Attire Bridal spoke to Sarah Shuttle Creative for their advice on whether you should get involved…

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Are styled shoots worth your time and money?

Chances are, you've been asked to do one or you've even considered creating one yourself, but have you ever worried whether or not a styled shoot is worth your time or money?

Styled shoots can be hugely beneficial for all wedding businesses, including bridal studios and designers, but only if they're done correctly.

If a styled shoot is poorly planned, it can not only be damaging to your brand, but it can waste your time and money - which is essential to running a successful wedding business.

If a wedding editorial is executed efficiently, however, you can reap the rewards!

The Benefits of a Styled Shoot
 Whether you're organising or playing a part in a styled shoot, they offer you the chance to meet a selection of talented and inspirational suppliers, many of whom are a part of the couple's journey before they start considering their wedding day attire and accessories. After collaborating with fellow industry professionals, you'll gain useful contacts who may well recommend you to any brides they meet after the shoot has taken place. Every time a member of your network of styled shoot suppliers reach a new client, you are potentially getting a referral and gaining business through that route. For that reason, it is important not to overlook the power that a styled shoot has to connect you with professionals who also align with your brand.

Take time to research vendors to ensure you reach out to people who not only share your values and aesthetics, but will enhance them. If your bridal boutique is fashion-forward and style-conscious, you need to ensure you select a stylist, make-up artist and photographer who will work to showcase your business to its best potential.

Exposure If the appropriate publication is selected, your bridal boutique will gain a wealth of exposure across websites and social media platforms. Rather than investing in advertising, you will be investing in the promise of results from a successful styled shoot, therefore free publicity is invaluable. When working with suppliers or organising a styled shoot, you need to have a publication in mind so that you can ensure you adhere to their submission guidelines so that you and your team get the best results from the editorial. This will help to avoid the risk of wasting time when submitting to print and online publications – it's all about making a styled shoot work for you!

Curating A Portfolio If you're struggling to match your current portfolio and social media platforms to the brand and clientele that you want to achieve, a styled shoot offers a way to do this. With a carefully considered selection of suppliers on board, you can essentially craft an aesthetic and portfolio through the use of imagery and creative energy, while showcasing the gowns and accessories you have to offer brides. Styled shoots allow you to take your bridal brand to the next level, with the focus of your ideal client in mind.

Marketing Collateral One of the most prominent benefits of participating in a styled shoot is the fact that it will provide you with an extensive collection of marketing collateral, including professional photography that can be used across your social media platforms. This is particularly useful for your Instagram account, a visual-based platform that acts a shop window before your followers make the decision to visit your website. As a bridal boutique, using professional photographs of your dresses carefully styled (and in a beautiful location) is far more beneficial than using standard bridal designer pictures.

Working with a professional photographer is also a brilliant way of gaining a collection of stunning imagery without having to pay for a full shoot, and in turn elevating your bridal brand to make it stand out amongst the crowd.

When are styled shoots a waste of your time and money?
An efficiently planned styled shoot offers the foundations for the benefits above. Without prior planning, organisation and creativity, a styled shoot can quickly become overwhelming and as a result, leave you with negative feedback from industry professionals, a set of images that are left behind and expenses that could have been used elsewhere.

As a substantial investment for you and your fellow suppliers, it is absolutely vital that a styled shoot is planned properly. Many suppliers love the idea of embarking on a styled shoot but with many layers to unravel it can be impossible to know where to start. A styled shoot system will provide you with the knowledge, direction and resources that you need to execute a successful shoot that not only benefits you, it is valuable for the rest of your team too.

If you're considering a styled shoot, there is a long, in-depth process that you need to tackle efficiently to ensure it is not only worth your investment, but that you gain long-term results from it. Sarah Shuttle has recently launched her Styled Shoot System that you may find useful.