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Up, up and away

Caroline Weisters from Bridal Fabrics takes a closer look at the market for destination dresses

Up, up and away: Image 1 Overseas weddings continue to rise in popularity as British brides and grooms take advantage of ever-cheaper and more readily-available international ights. Nothing could be more idyllic than a beach wedding. But before being swept away on a tide of romantic ideas, soon-to-be-weds need to consider the practical and suitable style aspects of the wedding dress. Here are our top tips to help you find your bride the perfect gown for a dream-destination wedding.

Many brides dream of a wedding gown with a long, owing train but this is a defnite no-no for a beach wedding. Whether sand or pebbles, it’s going to make the train of a dress get grubby, so it’s well worth considering a shorter style. A varied-length skirt such as a high-low asymmetrical hemline is bang on trend for 2020. Appearing on the catwalk for almost every collection, we really like Francesca Miranda and Oscar de la Renta’s designs incorporating ruffles.

A beach wedding will hopefully mean warm weather and sunshine, so choosing light, floaty fabrics can make a big difference and prevent the bride from feeling uncomfortable. As a natural fibre, silk is the ultimate choice as it’s luxurious, soft and often very thin. As it absorbs moisture, it helps keep the bride dry too. A light silk chiffon over a silk habotai slip is one choice to stay cool in the sun. Consider getting the gown to the venue too. Though satin and silk are especially desirable, they can wrinkle and crease easily. Chiffon and lace are more robust when it comes to travelling.

A structured, formal wedding dress with a full skirt and bodice will look out of place at a beach wedding. Instead, the dress should flow over the lines of the bride’s body, giving a soft and smooth silhouette that can be complemented with a loose, curling hairstyle. Light fabrics are the way to go but this doesn’t mean the bride needs to forgo lace. Avoid anything heavily beaded that will add weight and instead choose light embroidered lace fabrics. Chantilly and Raschel lace are great choices because of their delicate handle.

Strapless gowns are often an automatic choice when marrying in a hot climate; however, they usually incorporate lots of support fabric, which can make them uncomfortably warm in a beach setting. Instead, go for a gown with straps which, as well as looking super-sexy, allows the bride to experiment with daring low-cut backs and plunging necklines.

A top trend for 2019, the choice of bridal separates also adds flexibility as well as fun in the sun. A cropped top showing a toned tummy is perfect for the big day. It’s a modern, casual look and gives the bride plenty of choices. A lace top can be paired with a oaty skirt in satin or tulle. The evening reception can see a change of direction by swapping the skirt or top to mix up the look.

We’re not advocating a bikini wedding but sheer lace dresses are so en mode and combine elegance with a modern edge. They’re just perfect for pictures in the setting sun. This way, the dress is floaty and traditional but light and modern at the same time.